Information on new rules for SA rooftop solar installations

The South Australian Government has outlined a number of new rules for the installation of rooftop solar systems in SA.

These rules, which will come into force on 28 September 2020, have caused a lot of confusion for consumers, solar installers and solar retailers in SA, and there is still some uncertainty around the ongoing impact on the SA rooftop solar industry.

This page offers all the latest information on the new rules, and will be regularly updated when new information is made available.


In August 2020, the South Australian Government announced a series of new rules for rooftop solar installations in SA.

Under the new rules, inverters cannot be installed after 28 September 2020 unless they meet new voltage ride through requirements. In addition, all smart meters installed after 28 September 2020 must have at least two elements and inverters must have internet capability.

All PV systems must also be capable of remote disconnection and reconnection and customers will need to appoint a ‘Relevant Agent’ responsible for turning their system off and on in an emergency.

What does this mean for new solar customers?

Customers looking to install a rooftop solar system in SA after 28 September 2020 will need to use a compliant inverter.

u乐平台官网Customers will also need to appoint a 'Relevant Agent' to manage the turning off and on of their system in an emergency.

Customers should speak to their solar retailer for more information about compliant inverters and Relevant Agents and any costs associated with these new requirements.

What does this mean for existing solar customers?

The new rules will not affect existing solar customers replacing their inverter under warranty. If you are replacing or upgrading an inverter out of warranty, the new rules will apply.

More information

u乐平台官网The Clean Energy Council is continuing to work with the SA Government to get more information for South Australian solar customers ahead of the 28 September 2020 deadline.

u乐平台官网We will continue to update this page with new information as it becomes available. You can also find more information on the following pages:

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