Reducing emissions

There are two simple ways you can take action to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and drive demand for renewable energy: ensure the electricity you use is sourced from clean energy by switching to GreenPower or installing solar panels on your roof.


One way you can contribute to lowering Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions is by purchasing GreenPower.

Most electricity retailers will offer you an option to buy certified GreenPower. GreenPower is a government-managed scheme which allows households to purchase certified renewable energy through their electricity retailers. This ensures the retailer is purchasing electricity sourced from new renewable energy projects.

u乐平台官网Choosing GreenPower commits electricity retailers to buying the equivalent amount of renewable energy from certified renewable energy sources. The scheme stipulates that all certified GreenPower sources must have been built after 1997 and cannot be included in the existing national Renewable Energy Target which means that you are helping to drive demand for new renewable energy sources.

This scheme is different from other 'green' options offered by retailers. In most cases, 'green' plans either involve 'offsetting' carbon from electricity generated from non-renewable sources (such as coal and gas) or you are buying renewable energy that retailers were required to build under the existing Renewable Energy Target.

u乐平台官网GreenPower is the only way to drive demand for new renewable energy, so ask your retailer for a specific GreenPower option.

u乐平台官网For more information on GreenPower and how to make the switch read our GreenPower FAQ page.


Rooftop solar

u乐平台官网Installing rooftop solar panels is the most effective way to ensure that the electricity you use is from a renewable source: the sun on your roof.

Over 2 million Australian households have already installed rooftop solar and are helping to drive the transition to renewable energy.

When considering rooftop solar, it is important to understand what size system will suit your needs as everyone’s electricity use is different. Also think about how you want to use the system. Excess electricity generated by solar panels but not used by appliances is sent back (exported) to the electricity grid or can be used to charge a battery. Electricity Retailers pay a feed-in tariff for any electricity sent back to the grid.

It's important to shop around to ensure you are getting a quality system that will meet your expectations.

For more information on installing solar you can read our guide to installing solar and FAQ page via the link below.


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